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New device with Long battery life and unique horse tracking platform with the concept of center/relative location points along with the Daily/Step/Out of Boundary /onDemand SMS


SmartOne C

Commercial grade quality, More than a year battery life, Custom messaging time


SmartOne Solar

Perfect for demanding remote monitoring & sensing for oil, gas & mining industry


Spot Trace

Up to 2.5 minutes interval, cost effective for many location messages


Spot Gen3

Critical, life-saving line of communication with SOS, Unlimited/Extreme tracking


Continually improved custom horse tracking platform with specifically designed colar and solar collar

Horse Tracking Platform

Web/Mobile platform to review the horse location and push-notification for special cases

Center & Relative Points

Integrated data analytics with the user location data and report from its closest point

SMS Sample: 2019-06-20 Device: #6009; From "WaterPoint-2" south east 1.5km distance; 2.2km from the last location data; Battery normal; Within Boundrary; (51.167726, 71.457866) SpotterPlatform

SMS Service

Daily/Far Step/Out of Boundary/OnDemand SMS where no internet connections

Local Support

Local customer/technical support for configuration/troubleshooting


With the help of data analytics, we provide the better customer support

Device Health

Quicker warranty replacement by analysing usage data pattern

Battery life

Closely monitors the battery life and its usage as per given brands


Satellite Position

Closely monitors the satellite flying over the customer device

Weather Monitoring

On spot current weather and its forecast for night and next day


$ 160 per device
  • Requires subscription as per Globalstar Air Time Cost
  • Spotter Platform

SmartOne Solar

$ 299 per device
  • Requires subscription as per Globalstar Air Time Cost
  • Spotter Platform

Spot Trace

$ 140 per device
  • Requires subscription as per Globalstar Air Time Cost
  • Spotter/FindmeSpot

Spot Gen3

$ 170 per device
  • Requires subscription as per Globalstar Air Time Cost
  • FindmeSpot Platform

Satellite Air Time Subscription

  • Activation fee shall be applied upon any new device and also after deactivation.
  • Period of subscription shall be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year and paid in advance.
  • SMS service is optional.
  • SmartOne C configuration change shall be managed by authorized resellers only due to satellite channel booking & avoiding interference and any unauthorized changes may cause of immediate suspension.

Service Plan Activation Fee Monthly Fee Cost of Additional Message
3 transmission per day $40 $14.95 $0.25
6 transmission per day $40 $16.95 $0.25
8 transmission per day $40 $18.95 $0.25
12 transmission per day $40 $23.95 $0.25
24 transmission per day $40 $25.95 $0.25
Note: Payment by Visa/Master Card shall have 4% fee for the bank.

SmartOne C - Battery Life Estimate

Battery life is dependent on several factors:
  • View of the sky
  • How often the device is transmitting
  • Requesting GPS fixes
  • Temperature
  • Sleep Current
The more often that the SmartOne transmits data, the shorter the battery life. The below table is an example of device-upward-position with clear sky transmissions according to the SmartOne C Manual.

Transmissions per Day Estimated Battery Life (Days)
6 150
24 80

About Us

Spotter LLC was established in 2014 to provide the customized solution for horse tracking using Globalstar Satellite Network and Devices. Since then, it was specialized in the various solution to suit customer needs in Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

New Product Series:

SmartOne C, SmartOne Solar
(Long battery life)
(Custom Transmission Time)


Phone: +976 77773315, +77477773315, +66-623840016.
Spotter: +66-623840016